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You must be asking yourself, how much will my mortgage cost? No worries, you can find out now using our mortgage calculator below. If you have any other questions just get in touch with our advisors who will be happy to help!
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Your mortgage is likely to be your biggest outgoing so you are bound to be asking “how much will my mortgage will cost” early on in your mortgage research.

Our mortgage calculator will give you an indication of how much a particular mortgage will cost you each month. Simply input how much you want to borrow, the interest rate and the number of years you will borrow it over. Our mortgage calculator will do the rest for you and tell you your monthly payments.

You can then review your payment details including total interest and an amortisation schedule below. Please note that this calculator assumes you are taking a repayment mortgage (formerly known as a capital and interest mortgage).

How to Use How Much Will My Mortgage Cost Calculator
  • Enter the loan amount you think will be borrowing
  • Enter the interest rate you expect to pay (check out our best but tables if you need an idea)
  • Enter the term of the mortgage or number of years you plan to pay the mortgage over
  • Calculate!
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Payment Details
Base Calculations

This is your principal + interest payment, or in other words, the money you pay to the lender each month based on a repayment mortgage type. Remember, you will have to budget for other monthly running costs like utilities, home insurance, life insurance, property taxes such as council tax and your other day to day expenses.

Monthly Principal & Interest Number of Payments Total Payments Total Interest paid over the term
Payment Chart

This illustrates how your outstanding mortgage balance will decrease over the term of your loan. This does not account for interest rate changes or other fees such as early repayment charges.

Your Full Amortisation Schedule

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