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Forgotten how much you owe the bank? You can use our mortgage balance calculator to find out how much roughly is left! If you have any other questions just get in touch with our advisors who will be happy to help!
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This mortgage balance calculator will help you answer the questions “what is my mortgage balance?” and “how much do I owe on my mortgage”? You might be doing some general financial planning or be looking to remortgage to a better deal or just curious and can’t find all your paperwork!

Whatever the reason, to use the mortgage balance calculator, you will need to enter how much you originally borrowed, over what term, how many payments you think you have made, and the interest rate. Our calculator will then work out the approximate remaining mortgage balance.

How to Use Mortgage Balance Calculator
  • Enter the current value of your home
  • Enter the amount you originally borrowed on your existing mortgage deal
  • Enter the interest rate that you have been paying
  • Enter the original term of the mortgage (not what you think is remaining)
  • Enter your monthly payment
  • Enter either the date (mm/yyyy) of your first payment on this current mortgage OR enter the number of months you think you have paid OR enter the number of months you think are remaining on your entire mortgage term
  • Calculate!

Number of mortgage payments made:
Estimated mortgage balance:
Estimated home equity:
Loan to Value (LTV %):

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