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You can use our stamp duty calculator to find out how tax you will need to pay for your next property. If you have any other questions just get in touch with our advisors who will be happy to help!
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Work out how much stamp duty you need to pay

If you are buying a property in England, Northern Ireland or Wales then you may have to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax or Land and Buildings Transactions Tax if you are purchasing in Scotland. This can be a significant cost when buying a property, and needs to be carefully factored into your calculations when working out how much you can afford to spend on a new home.

Our stamp duty calculator for the UK, will work out how much stamp duty you will need to pay on the property you are intending to buy and will also take into account the additional charges for second properties and buy to lets.

In addition to using our stamp duty calculator, read our comprehensive guide to stamp duty.

How to Use Stamp Duty Calculator

Stamp Duty Land Tax is a fee that must be paid when you purchase a property above a certain value (currently £125,001 or more). The amounts can be quite significant and you will have to factor this into your budget when considering how much deposit you need to buy a house


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