Be prepared ahead of putting your home on the market

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If you’ve made the decision to move house then you will no doubt already be looking at potential new properties to buy. Ahead of putting your existing property on the market, it is a good idea to be prepared to help you sell efficiently and quickly so that you don’t lose out on that dream property you want to buy next.

Here are some top tips to help you get ready to sell your property:

Have a clear plan in mind

Being organised will generally help you get into the right frame of mind for selling your property. Decide a timeframe of when you would ideally like to move by. Research local estate agents – ask for reviews from friends and families. Research property prices in the area to get an idea of the potential price bracket for your property ahead of getting valuations carried out so that you know whether an agent’s valuation is realistic or inflated just to get your business.


Now is the time to sort out the clutter – this not only helps with the presentation of your property to potential buyers but will also help you be organised ahead your move. Don’t forget the garage and attic!

Prepare your home for photography and viewings

Fix anything that needs doing around the house, look at the colours throughout your house and consider fresh paint if it hasn’t been kept updated. Remember that neutral colours and even plain accessories and bedding look better in property photographs. Consider moving out any unnecessary, large bulky pieces of furniture into storage to create more space.

Look at your house from the outside. Consider how your windows, gate, paintwork and garden look. You need to tempt viewers to want to look inside your house but they first need like what they see from the outside so they don’t drive straight past.

Choose the right estate agent

You’ve done the research and asked around and now you need to make the decision. Meet with agents and talk to them about their experience and the current property market. It is important to choose an agent you trust and that you like and feel comfortable with them.

Being prepared ahead of putting your house on the market could help you receive the price you’re looking for and ensure the sales process runs more smoothly. It will hopefully make the usually stressful process of selling a property easier and even enjoyable! While preparing your home ready to sell, you should also be organised regarding your new property purchase and considering what mortgages are available.

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