The Benefits of Putting Your House on the Market in the Spring

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While there are obviously no guarantees that selling your house at a particular time of year will be successful, some months do tend to be better than others in the UK. 

Easter time and spring, in general, have traditionally proven to be a good time of year for successful house selling and buying.

Let's look at why that might be:

Easter Holidays and May Bank Holidays

Public holidays provide the ideal opportunity to carry out all those DIY and small home improvement jobs that have been building up on the to do list, and that are vital to be completed before your house goes on the market. 

From painting, fixing and decluttering inside to tackling the outside space and garden; public holidays in the springtime provide an ideal opportunity to finally get it all done!

The Weather

The clocks have gone forward so the days are longer. This combined with warmer weather means you are likely to get more people viewing your property than you would in the winter months. In addition, properties look more attractive (in photos and for viewings) when the sky is blue and the sun is shining. 

People are generally in better spirits and relieved that the cold dreary winter is finally over so tap into the positivity and present your property in its best light.

Buyer Convenience

As mentioned in the previous point about weather, the spring and summer months bring out more buyers due to better conditions. It is also easier for buyers to move around, there are more hours in the day and it is a time of year that people typically take time off work. Viewing cancellations are much lower than in the winter months.

A Better Price

You are more likely to get a better price for your property during spring and summer, when the market is busier. More people looking means more competition that could help ensure you get the price you’re asking for. 

You’re much more likely to accept a low offer when you are receiving little interest in your property than when interest is high and you don’t feel compromised. Once you have found the right house at the right price then you need the right mortgage.

If you’re looking to sell a property this spring, in order to buy a new property and need expert mortgage advice, Visit Propillo to contact our team of mortgage advisors Or use our range of handy mortgage calculators as a starter, to work out how much you need to borrow and how much it will cost you.

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