Thinking About Buying A Property? Here Are Some Useful Property Finance Solutions

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Buying a property is a big decision. It can be difficult to finance, and you also need to make sure that the mortgage will work with your life goals – not just for this year, but 5 years down the line as well.

That’s why it’s important to consult professionals before making any decisions or signing on the dotted line. This blog post will highlight some of the finance solutions that are available when you are thinking of buying property.


One of the most useful property finance solutions is a mortgage. When you finance a property through your bank or other financial institution, it’s called taking out a loan. They assess the value of the property and how much they are willing to lend you for that amount based on their investment criteria – things like credit history, employment status, etc. 

The advantage of this is that if something happens to your income, you can still afford the mortgage payments. The disadvantage of this finance solution is that it comes with interest rates, which will be higher than other finance solutions like personal loans or cash finance options.

However, mortgages are not only limited to residential property types. In this case, you can even consider finance for commercial property. This type of financing is specifically intended to help finance people who are after the acquisition of a commercial establishment or area.

Cash finance option

Another property finance solution (and one that works well for some people) is to pay all in cash. This means using your savings, investments, or whatever cash you have on hand for the finance of your property. You can consider this finance solution if you are an experienced investor and already own several properties. 

This is also a good option to pay off any high-interest loans that might be holding you down in case these finance solutions aren’t available to you at the time when it comes to financing your new property.

However, you must use sound judgment when using this finance solution since it may not always be possible to have all the cash at hand for a transaction of this magnitude. You need to make sure that you are prepared financially – which means having enough income and savings as well as other finance options if necessary.

Finance for investment

Another finance option that you might consider is finance for investment purposes. This finance solution allows property investors to finance their rental properties or any other type of real estate. 

This finance solution must be carefully considered since the amount of money you can make in return will depend on how much rent your tenants can pay and whether they can pay in time.

This finance solution is not limited only to commercial purposes, but also residential ones as well. We are talking specifically about finance solutions intended for people who have already purchased a property and want to acquire another one to rent it out afterward – thus making more money off their investments compared to what they would be able to make just by renting it out.

Non-recourse financing

Non-recourse financing is another solution to help you finance your property. This finance option is available to you if you have a low or no down payment, so it’s perfect for first-time homebuyers. With this financing type, the bank can only go after your house in case of default on the loan – they cannot come after any other assets that are not related to the purchase of the house.

Conventional finance

If you have a down payment of at least 20 percent, you can finance your property with conventional financing through a mortgage loan from an approved lender. This option is perfect for people who are buying their first home and don’t want to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI). Conventional loans are also available to people with a lower credit score who cannot qualify for an FHA loan.

Some Other Useful Tips


Make sure you have enough money to cover the deposit and any other fees such as real estate agent costs. Property finance solutions vary depending on your personal circumstances and the property you choose, so it is important to do some research before approaching any lenders. 

There are many types of real estate financing options available these days such as loans with a guarantor as well as low doc mortgages for self-employed people or those with below-average credit history.

Property Inspection

Get a property inspection done before signing off on the sale. It is important to get a property inspection done before signing off on the sale and committing yourself to purchase real estate.

This can help you discover any issues with the property that may have been overlooked or not yet seen by your realtor. You will need to factor in the costs of repairs into your budget if they prove necessary once you move in, so it can be better to have this done before signing the real estate purchase contract.

Your realtor should have included a clause in your real estate purchase contract allowing you to organize property inspections, but if they didn’t then make sure that any real estate agent you work with has the same understanding.

You should also check that any real estate finance solution lender will allow repairs or renovations to be carried out during construction, as this is usually a clause included in most real estate purchase contracts.

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Mortgages, home equity loans, rent to own – there are a variety of ways you can buy or finance your new house. These finance solutions are not the only ones that might be available for you, but they should give you an idea of what finance options there are when buying property. 

You must take the time to research all of them and find the right one for your needs. One way is by taking out non-recourse financing, which will allow you to borrow money from a lender without having full liability if things go wrong. 

If this sounds like an interesting option for you but needs more information on how it works before making up your mind, reach out to real estate experts who will be able to provide some helpful mortgage tips!

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