Tips for Buying a Property in the Summer

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Although spring is typically the best home buying season, summer has become more popular in recent years with the weather representing a prominent factor. Sunny weather shows a house in its best light including its curb appeal and outdoor living potential.

Here are some tips for property shopping over the summer months:

Watch for a reduction in prices

Many homeowners put their homes on the market during the spring months but some of these homes won’t sell by the summer. Look out for homes that have been listed since spring. 

Even if the advertised price hasn’t been reduced, the sellers might be interested in accepting a lower offer. You can use our house value calculator to get an idea of local prices.

Summer offers a good time to check out neighbourhoods

People are outside more during the summer months, so it is a good time to get a feel for the community or lack of community if that’s the case. It will help you assess the neighbourhood for safety, friendliness and social activities.

Longer summer days offer more time to view

Estate agents and homeowners will be more open to host viewings in the light evenings of the summer months so there will be more opportunities to view properties you’re interested in. 

During the winter months, evening viewings will be during the dark hours which doesn’t present houses in the best light.

There is less competition

Summer is generally a slower month for house sales because people are busy on holidays and generally preoccupied. This presents a good opportunity to those who are house seeking over the summer as offer situations are not as competitive.

Estate agents have more time for you

As summer is a quieter time for house sales, estate agents are generally likely to be less busy. This means more time can be spent on helping you find the right property and helping you get the best deal with your negotiations.

Good luck with your home searching this summer, it is certainly is a more pleasant time of year to be out and about looking at properties so enjoy it.

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