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Purchasing a property is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll likely ever have to make so it is worth putting a lot of effort and time into getting it right. Start the process by making a list of requirements to help with your decision making and remember to update it as you go through your property hunt, as your expectations may need to be altered or you may simply change your requirements once you start seeing viable property options.

Here are some top tips for finding the right property.

1. Location

The first thing to decide is where you want to buy. Research into locations you are already interested in as well as other locations in the surrounding area to decide which you are willing to consider and which you want to rule out from the start. Go further than just deciding on an overall area, drill down to which roads or estates you prefer as all areas have good and bad roads. It is a good idea to walk around an area to get a general feel of a place, to gauge the general condition of properties and traffic levels.

2. Work out your price range

Before you start looking for properties, carry out some calculations to work out what price of properties are within your range of affordability. If you are looking for houses that need work carried out, be sure to factor renovation and decoration costs into your sums. Calculate whether the house is still within your budget considering both purchase price and renovation costs. Use our range of handy calculators to help you work out what you can afford.

3. Be flexible with your checklist of requirements

Although you will set out to find a property that checks all your boxes, sometimes an element of compromise is needed as it is not always possible to find a property that meets all your requirements. Consider early on in the house viewing process, which items on your list are non-negotiable and which items you could consider waiving. Focus on the positive points about the house that contribute to your desired lifestyle.  For example, If you enjoy spending time in the garden and the house you are looking at has the perfect garden, then you might be willing to overlook that the bedrooms are a bit smaller than you originally wanted or that there is only 1 garage.

4. View houses with an open mind

view houses with an open mind

Not all houses will be staged and presented well to be sold. Try to look past people’s mess, belongings and basic decorating that aren’t to your taste and try to see it as a blank canvas that you can make your own once you move in.

5. Always go for a second viewing

View the house a second time ideally with someone else to get another opinion. Take a contractor to get advice and estimated costs about any decorating and renovations you are thinking of doing.

6. Take your time

Don’t buy the first property you see. It might end up being the right one but be sure to see other properties to make a comparison and to help ensure you are making the right decision.

7. Find the right mortgage

Finally, once you have found the right house at the right price then you need the right mortgage. Get advice from an expert to ensure you have access to the best deals. Propillo can help you find the right mortgage to suit your needs. Find more free and quick advice on our website Propillo.

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