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Moving house is a headache right? Not necessarily! With some careful planning and organisation, it can be a much easier process than you would expect. We've produced this handy moving house checklist of things you need to do in the run up to your big moving day with some suggested timescales and some nice tips for avoiding a last minute panic.
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Avoid the moving house panic!

Moving house is a headache right? Not necessarily! With some careful planning and organisation, it can be a much easier process than you would expect. We’ve produced this handy moving house checklist of things you need to do in the run up to your big moving day with some suggested timescales and some nice tips for avoiding a last minute panic.

2 months before moving house

So you’ve found your home and you’ve had an offer accepted. The first thing you need to do when moving is decide on your mortgage and make the application. See our guide to mortgage types here and then speak to one of our advisers today! It is important that the mortgage process runs smoothly for you at this stage so that your move is not delayed. Using a mortgage broker will help hold everything together.

Once your mortgage is in place, you can concentrate on the many other things to do when moving house.

Here’s a list of things to consider:

  • If you haven’t done this already, you will need a conveyancing solicitor. Get recommendations, compare reviews and get quotes. See our guide to conveyancing for further details.

  • You should be able to get a rough idea of when you will be moving house so speak with work and book off a few days either side of the proposed date.

  • Carry out further research of the area you are moving to. Find a new school for your children and speak to the current school about transferring school records and other documents.

  • Start to clear out old stuff you no longer need. Recycling and charity is better than landfill!

  • If you are currently renting a property, give the relevant notice to your landlord.

  • Check you insurance policy to see if you will be covered for possessions when moving house. If not, then when you decide on a removals company, be sure to speak to them about being covered.

6 weeks before moving house

  • Get recommendations and do some research into reputable removal companies. Get quotes, compare and then book. If you need insurance from them, remember to discuss.

  • Review the value of your contents and building cover to see if it appropriate for the new property. Check your life insurance policies and any other medical cover to ensure they are enough to cover the new mortgage payments and other home costs. If you don’t have an insurance policy, then now is the time to consider getting one. See our insurance section to get an idea of how you can choose to protect yourself and your family.

  • Make a full inventory of your possessions and further clear out anything that is no longer needed. The less stuff you have to move, the easier!

  • Review the floor plan of the property so you can see where you will fit your furniture and other belongings.

  • Collect together or purchase packaging materials. Check with your removal company as they might provide this.

  • Look into parking restrictions and find out where the removal van will be able to park on the day of moving house. The removal firm may need to apply to the council for permission to park.

1 month before moving house

By now you should have received a report from a Chartered Surveyor informing you of the property’s structural condition. Your mortgage provider will likely have arranged this as part of their conditions. You will be charged a fee along with your other mortgage fees.  For more information, visit fees involved when moving house and getting a mortgage

But let’s continue with our moving house checklist with just 1 month to go:

  • Speak with your solicitor about exchanging contracts so that you can finalise your move date.

  • Inform your removal company of the finalised date that you will be moving house.

  • Organise to have your new house cleaned as soon as the previous owners move out so it is clean and fresh ready for you to move into

  • Arrange with the current owners, a suitable time to visit the property if necessary, to take any measurements for carpets, curtains etc.

  • Clear out any unused areas of your current house such as loft space and sheds.

  • When you can, start packing any items you aren’t currently using into boxes. Label boxes so that the boxes will be put in the right room on arrival at your new house.

  • Notify relevant utilities companies that you are moving house.

  • Search online for good TV, broadband and phone deals for your new house and make enquiries.

  • Search for the the best deals in your new area from energy providers.

1 week before moving house

With just 1 week to go before moving house, there will be a number of things still to be done on your moving house checklist. But don’t panic yet! You can still be organised in time.

  • Continue your packing. This is likely to continue right up until moving house day.

  • Encourage each member of your household to pack a bag with the essentials needed for the first night in your new house.

  • Make any final calls to utility providers to close accounts.

  • Inform your bank or building society and any other financial providers of your forthcoming change of address.

  • Cancel any services with local deliveries. eg. milk and newspapers.

  • Inform the Royal Mail of your change of address. You can set up a temporary redirect so anything that is addressed to you at your old property, will be redirected to your new address.

  • Register to pay council tax for your new house.

The day before moving house

  • Make sure you have the keys to your new home from the estate agent or that you have arranged to collect them from the previous owner.

  • Plan your route to the new house.

It’s moving house day!

  • Stay calm!

  • Carry out a final clean once furniture has been moved and the floors are clear.

  • Pack any final items left until the last minute such as bedding and toiletries.

  • Take final meter readings.

  • When the removal company arrives, give them guidance and show them where everything is.

  • Finally, take one last look around to check you have everything and that all windows and doors are closed and secure.

  • And you’re on your way!

At your new home

You’re almost there and are coming to the end of your checklist of things to do when moving house.

  • Inspect furniture and valuable items for damage once they have been unloaded by the removal company.

  • Instruct and guide removal staff if necessary

  • Check locks and repair or replace with new ones if necessary.

  • Start unpacking or if you prefer sit back and take a sigh of relief!

After you've moved in

But before you fully relax, there are a few final items on your moving house checklist.

  • Register with a local doctor, dentist and vet (if you have pets).

  • Explore your local area and check out the shops, restaurants and other amenities.

  • Make sure you update the electoral register as otherwise you won’t be able to vote.

And finally, your moving house checklist is complete. You can sit back, relax and enjoy your new home.

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