City Life Versus Rural Life: What to Consider Before you Decide

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Are you considering selling your city property to move to the countryside? After living in the city for many years, it is quite common to eventually want to move out to quieter, more rural areas of the UK. The quiet life is not for everyone however, and it can be a hard decision to make with many pros and cons to weigh up.

We’ve compiled the pros and cons of city life versus country life. Propillo is here to help you with quality free mortgage advice, so whether you decide to move to the country or stay in the city make sure to try our mortgage comparison now!

Pros & Cons of City Life


  • Transportation – cities generally have well-connected transport links, with regular services.
  • Shopping and Restaurants – wIth a diverse and cultured population, cities tend to have a wider variety of food, shops and restaurants.
  • Entertainment – cities have a larger choice of cultural activities to enjoy such as theatres and museums.
  • Job opportunities – cities offer more opportunities for careers with the presence of big companies and a wider range of companies being based there.
  • Closer to work – living in a city usually means that you are closer to your place of work compared with living in the countryside and having to travel far to reach work each day.


  • Less sense of community – with large populations, there tends to be a lack of community feel in cities, particularly in the more central parts of cities.
  • Overcrowded – due to overpopulation, cities can be very busy and overcrowded. Public transport and road networks in rush hour can be extremely overcrowded
  • Expensive lifestyle – The city lifestyle is notoriously more expensive than in the country. The cost of transport, eating out and even shopping can cost a lot more than in rural areas.

Pros & Cons of Country Life


  • Scenery – your surrounding area will be cleaner, greener and picturesque. This can be more relaxing and less stressful.
  • A strong sense of community – living in small countryside villages with low populations means the community are close and tend to know each other offering a support network for you and your family.
  • Clean air – with less cars and public transport vehicles around, there is less pollution than in the cities.
  • Lower cost of living – rural areas are generally cheaper for eating out, grocery shopping and entertainment.


  • Bad mobile phone reception – this is the case in some areas more than others. It is worth researching this when looking at potential rural areas to move to.
  • Poor transport links – public transport is not as regular the further you go into the countryside.
  • Lack of facilities – you may have to travel further to get access to supermarkets, restaurants and entertainment.

In summary, moving to the countryside offers a very different lifestyle to living in the city. There is much to consider when making this life changing decision. 

On top of deciding where you want to live, a lot depends on how much you can afford to spend on a property. This will in part dictate your location choices. 

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